Lively Ceilidh Band based in South Lakes, Cumbria, providing traditional Irish, Scottish & English folk music with dance caller. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries & other special occasions!

Wooden Leg Ceilidh Band was established over 25 years ago. The members have altered over the years with John, our caller, being the last of the founder members.  Our Ceilidh Band is fairly unique in that the members are not all “dyed in the wool” folkies but a group of mainly professional  musicians who enjoy playing good, lively dance music.

We play a diet of English, Irish and Scottish dance tunes with a bit of European thrown in for good measure. The dances range from the usual energetic Ceilidh dances to the more romantic Waltzes, but we’re not afraid to include a few ‘old time’ dances such as The St Bernard’s, The Veleta and Pride of Erin. We have been surprised over the years how many couples really enjoy these old favourites. They are quick and easy to teach, you keep your partners, plus dancers of almost every age and ability are able to join in.

We like, where appropriate, to encourage people to add their own little 'extra twist' to the evening so if you have singer, musician or comedian within your party, we love them to throw in a five minute spot in between dances. That is what a true Ceilidh would have consisted of and it will give your event its own particular flavour.

These days the majority of our gigs are weddings, and should you be thinking of having a Ceilidh for your evening ‘do’ please contact usfor  an informal chat. We have many years’ experience and can give you advice to help ensure your evening will be a success.

The usual line up  ...

Amy (flute, keyboard, Irish whistle), Rich (guitar), Suzanne (flute), Catherine (fiddle), John ('The Caller', harmonica, melodeon, bodhran)